Chimney Crown Repairs

Jack Pixley, our founder, learned his superior chimney crown repairing and building skills from Germany. It’s where he learned to build chimney crowns with the ultimate attention to details for the proper concrete crown and wash. With many years of experience, we know the importance of using the proper materials to construct the best chimney crown to protect your chimney. Give our team a call today if you are ready to have the best chimney crown!

Why Do I Need A Quality Crown?

  • properly keeps water out
  • protects and slows down deterioration and aging
  • stops birds and other animals from entering


Hear what our customers are saying

On time. Affordable. Trustworthy. Was referred to Pixley Sweeps by a neighbor and would definitely recommend to others!
S Lefebvre

Professional and fair. Advanced technology that shows trouble spots in detail. Highly recommend Jack Pixley Sweeps.
Sally Maenner