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An outdated, inefficient, and drab-looking fireplace can really put a damper on both the aesthetic of your home and its overall value. A new heating system may seem like far-fetched dream, but the upgrade you’re needing could be a lot easier to obtain than you think – especially when you work with our chimney experts. Give us a call today with questions and to tell us a bit about your situation. We’re certain we can find the best solution for your needs, preferences, and budget.

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What Is a Fireplace Insert? Is It Right for Me?

A fireplace insert is typically used to convert or restore an existing masonry or factory-built fireplace. A gas, wood, or electric fireplace insert will fit into most masonry or metal fireplaces, bringing new life to a fireplace that’s not up to code, not heating efficiently, or presenting any number of other problems.

If you’re considering adding an insert in your home, the chimney technicians at Jack Pixley Sweeps can explain the benefits of the various models available and help you determine which is right for your needs.

What are the benefits of fireplace inserts?

Though plenty of people feel that nothing but a real-deal, wood-burning masonry fireplace will do, many people prefer fireplace inserts for their many benefits, which include:

  • They add value to your home.
  • They save you money on your heating bill.
  • They pour more heat directly into your home.
  • They create a memorable space in your home that is convenient for entertaining or for quiet nights.
  • They’re designed to suit a variety of home decorating styles and finishes.
  • They’re convenient and easy to use.
  • They require less work, less cleaning, and less maintenance than traditional fireplaces.

The Perks of Installing a Regency or Valor Fireplace Insert

Say goodbye to drafty fireplaces. Adding a Regency or Valor fireplace or fireplace insert can turn your inefficient, drafty fireplace into an efficient gas, wood, or electric fireplace.

Regency Gas Fireplace Insert with stone surround and white mantel
regency stainless steel wood insert in living room
Regency fireplace with a grey stone surround in a living room

What are the perks of burning with gas?

Gas inserts won’t require you to haul ash or wood, and they can be operated with simple fingertip controls. With a Regency or Valor gas fireplace insert, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent, controllable heat – even during power outages.

What are the perks of burning with wood?

A wood fireplace insert is a quality product that will add value to your home, save you money on your heating bill, and create a warm gathering place in your home. Most models require a single load of wood to provide warmth for up to eight hours.

Wood inserts are available in a variety of sizes, and can be easily inserted into just about any masonry fireplace – some models even offer a cook top surface that can be used to cook meals during power outages.

What are the perks of electric fireplace options?

If you don’t have a venting system or chimney already in place, an electric fireplace insert may be the best (and most affordable) route to take. These models effectively heat your home, adding warmth, beauty, and an ambiance that’s hard to match. Browse a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to find the perfect heating setup for your space.

Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Regency & Valor Products

Below are some of our more popular units. Contact us to learn more about each model.

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Looking to Refresh Your Brickwork Too?

When changing over to a gas, wood, or electric insert for extra heat savings and convenience, many of our customers opt to have their deteriorating chimney brickwork repaired or remodeled as well. If your home is showing signs of chimney top deterioration from weather damage (or if you simply want to update the look of your chimney or hearth when switching to an insert), you can count on our experienced masonry crew to tackle it all.

We can meet your masonry repair needs and your insert installation needs, saving you the hassle of working with two different contractors to refresh and restore your hearth.

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