We Provide Chimney & Fireplace Services for the Minneapolis & St. Paul Area

If it involves a chimney or fireplace, you can count on Jack Pixley Sweeps to know how to install it, repair it, clean it, and/or bring it up to code and national safety standards. We work with both old and new heating appliances, and we are passionate about the lifestyle, warmth, and ambiance that fireplaces and inserts offer.

But most of all, we’re passionate about making sure that your heating appliance is enjoyed safely and wisely.

Chimney before restoration
Chimney before restoration


Grey brick chimney after
Grey brick chimney before


Grey brick chimney after

What Wood & Gas Fireplace Services Do We Offer?

Among other areas of expertise, we specialize in the following chimney and fireplace services:

Chimney Rebuild Before & After - on the left - crumbling crown and missing masonry - on the right - newly poured crown, repaired masonry and new chimney caps

In addition to work on chimneys and fireplaces, our chimney techs also clean dryer vents (which act much like chimneys, as they carry toxic fumes away from an appliance).

What Can I Expect When Hiring Jack Pixley Sweeps?

  • Friendly Service: When our technicians arrive at your home, they will always greet you with a smile. We love our work and are happy to be able to assist you. We will consult with you before beginning any work to make sure that we are doing the work that you hired us to do. Prior to a chimney sweep or inspection, we will explain (in detail) the use of the rotary cleaning system and review our dust prevention policy.
  • Improved Home Safety: When you trust us, feel confident that your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or house fire is greatly reduced. There are thousands of masonry companies out there to choose from, but with over 40 years of experience, we are the leading experts in chimneys. In addition, we are a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified company, and we also hold a State Contractor License.
  • Cleanliness: Before beginning, we clear a 5-foot work area in front of your fireplace and set up sheets to keep the area clean. We do an initial inspection of the firebox, damper, and smoke shelf, after which we bring in the necessary equipment to complete the full cleaning and inspection of your fireplace without mess or stress.
  • Thoroughness: Provided that we have the ability to safely access your chimney, we will do a rooftop inspection to check the condition of the chimney top, examining the brick, mortar joints, and the interior flue condition. We will also check the chimney flashing. In some cases we will put on a top vacuum to assist with draft and ensure that no dust comes back into the home.
  • That Extra Mile: After thoroughly cleaning the flue liner, smoke chamber, and smoke shelf, our CSIA-certified technicians run a Chim-Scan camera down the length of the chimney. We are then able to explain what we are seeing inside your chimney and consult with you if we find anything of concern. We also take pictures of these areas and provide a full report detailing our findings within about a week.
  • Clear Communication: In the event that we notice any cracks, voids, or improper construction in your chimney, our technicians will go over the repair options available to you. If you decide that you would like us to repair the chimney, our technicians will provide you with a proposal within a one-week time frame. The proposal will have all the information necessary for you to make an informed and educated decision on what you can do to continue to use your fireplace.
  • Swift Repairs: If you are in need of a chimney screen/cap or other relatively minor repairs, the technician will normally be able to take care of it at the time of the cleaning. If you require a special order screen we will discuss the options available to you at that time.

What’s Wrong With My Chimney?

If you suspect problems with your chimney, the first thing to do is have your chimney and fireplace cleaned if you haven’t had this done in a while.

If you have recently had a cleaning, but you still detect a wet, smoky odor, there could be some underlying problems causing the smell. These include:

  • negative air issues, such as an outdated damper
  • lack of a raincap at the top of your chimney
  • moisture problems within the chimney
  • a smoke chamber with corbelled brick, which allows creosote to build up
  • your chimney may be too short, which won’t allow enough draft to draw smoke and odors up and out
  • …and more

In truth, there could be any number of problems with your chimney. To maximize your peace of mind, hire our chimney professionals to locate the problem and offer you the most effective and economical solution.

Work With the Best – Hire Us Today

Our 40+-year history speaks for itself. We do high quality work that is guaranteed. We never hire subcontractors, so anyone we send to your home to work on your chimney, fireplace, gutters, or dryer vent works for our company. Our masons pay close attention to detail and believe in quality over quantity. We’re confident that you’ll agree that Jack Pixley Sweeps, Inc. does quality work at a fair price.

Reach Jack Pixley Sweeps, Inc., by calling 763-422-0481, or schedule your appointment online today.


Chimney relining and repair can seem like overwhelming jobs, but the experienced crews at Jack Pixley Sweeps know how to take care of it all.



Brown brick chimney with cracks


Grey brick chimney after being restored