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We Also Specialize In Dryer Vent Cleaning

Plenty of people are unaware of the hazards that lie inside their clothes dryer ducts. In some cases, we find that great boulders of lint have accumulated. This lint leads to reduced airflow and is highly combustible, as are the nests of birds, insects, and other small critters that we sometimes find near the exhaust port. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), nearly 3,000 clothes dryer fires are reported in residential buildings each year, resulting in an average of five deaths, 100 injuries, and $3 million in property loss.

Because we hear more about dryer fires now than we did several decades ago, some have come to believe that the dryer vent cleaning industry is a scam and that the compelling reasons behind having your ducts professional cleaned are just marketing gimmicks. But the truth is, houses are built differently today and many dryer ducts have to travel a longer path before reaching the outdoors. This has exacerbated the chance of catastrophic dryer fires. In addition, improper installations, connections, and liners are to blame for many of the dryer fires we see.

So, what’s a chimney sweep company doing cleaning out dryer vents? Seeing as how the dryer’s duct functions much like a chimney, we have good reason to add dryer ducts to our portfolio of services. To clean out your dryer duct we use a very similar procedure—utilizing rotary brushes and vacuums—as we do to clean out your chimney. Our dryer exhaust technicians are all certified to do a thorough cleaning that will give you much-needed peace of mind.

The Facts About Dryer Fires

These statistics come from data collected in the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA’s) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS):

  • Clothes dryer fires happen more often in the fall and winter and peak in the month of January.
  • “Failure to clean” is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.
  • Dust, fiber, lint, and clothing not on a person are, by far, the leading items first ignited in clothes dryer fires.

What Makes Jack Pixley Sweeps The Best At Cleaning Dryer Vents?

There are many companies that offer dryer vent cleaning. Plenty of these are in and out of your home in 15 minutes or less. What are they missing? A thorough cleaning of your dryer venting system takes time, no matter how short the distance from the dryer to the termination vent outside. Blowing the vent out should not be considered a cleaning option. A lot of companies will turn on your dryer and then use an air hose to blow the lint off the liner system from the outside. What a mess!

How Does A Jack Pixley Sweeps Dryer Vent Cleaning Work?

Our company uses a rotary system to ensure that we get all of the lint out of the vent. We hook up a vacuum cleaner to the vent to ensure that we are able to collect all of the lint in the system, rather than blowing it all over your yard. We also check to make sure that your dryer vent is made with aluminum lining. There are several known liners on the market that are extremely flammable. With dryer fires being one of the leading causes of house fires every year, we check to make sure that your dryer is properly lined for your safety and the safety of your family.

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