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Chimney Masonry Repair & Rebuilds

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Since 1977, Jack Pixley Sweeps and Masonry has been restoring and rebuilding chimneys. We believe in the art of masonry and are passionate about the process of repairing a chimney that’s seen better days. We use age-old techniques and tools in tandem with modern technology and products to provide the best possible results.

The truth is, in time, all chimneys will start to deteriorate. The reasons for deterioration vary, but the freeze/thaw cycle is the most common culprit in our area. During the warmer days of winter the rays from the sun melt away the snow that’s collected on and around your chimney. The concrete on top of the chimney then sheds the water down the sides. As the sun fades, this water freezes. Over time this takes a toll on the concrete and the brick, which is very porous. Brick will take on water and become saturated. When temperatures freeze and then warm, the water that is trapped in the brick constricts and expands, leading to breakdown of the brick. “Spalling” (when the front of the brick pops off and crumbles) is a sign that the chimney is starting to deteriorate rapidly and needs immediate attention. Once a brick is saturated, it passes the water down to the next brick, until that brick (also) becomes saturated, and so on and so on.

Why Choose Jack Pixley Sweeps?

Jack Pixley Sweeps crew standing in front of service truckOur company specializes in chimney work and repair. Unlike general masonry companies, our masons are aware of all the codes associated with the proper construction of a chimney. We pay attention to detail and are able to restore or rebuild any chimney.

Don’t believe that tuckpointing is a cure all; most masons will tell you that it is just a Band-Aid and a temporary fix. If you have had your chimney tuckpointed, you can expect to need to have it done again in the next few years.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps we focus on the proper construction of the chimney from the base all the way to the crown. Unlike other masonry companies we believe in adding a concrete crown with an overhang and drip ledge at the top of the chimney, instead of a wash. This process takes longer, but when the snow melts in the winter, the water is kept away from the brick by the drip ledge. By adding a concrete crown with overhang and drip ledge, we ensure that your brick is protected for the long haul.

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