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Jack Pixley Sweeps’ founder Jack Pixley learned a lot during the time he studied chimney sweeping in Germany. In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, chimneys are constructed with ultimate attention to detail, and the sweeps are highly trained. In fact, it was in Germany that Pixley learned that protecting the top of a masonry chimney with a proper concrete crown and wash, along with an overhang and drip ledge, can extend the life of a chimney to about 100 years.

After his time in Germany in 1984 (when he witnessed quality construction that was almost unbelievable by U.S. standards), he began to incorporate what he had seen with information provided him by the Brick Institute of America.

Having passed on his experience and expertise to the technicians at Jack Pixley Sweeps, Jack Pixley designed his business to provide you with the best possible chimney and masonry care services. Ready to schedule? Call 763-422-0481 or book online with us today.

Completed Crown and Chimney Repair with Two new Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

Why Do I Need A Quality Crown?

Over the years, watching closely to see how the chimney crowns he crafted fared, Pixley learned just how important each component is to the construction of a watertight, durable, and well-made crown. For instance, the drip ledge – which the majority of masons do not install on a chimney crown – offers immense protection to the chimney brick. He also learned to use only the highest quality bricks, so that a chimney can better stand up to our region’s brutal freeze-thaw cycles.

Chimney crowns, in and of themselves, are vital for several reasons including:

  • They keep rain away. The chimney crown prevents rain from entering the chimney and causing damper and firebox rust that leads to expensive repairs. When professionally designed with a drip ledge, the crown encourages water to move away from the masonry of the chimney and run off of the roof.
  • They stop birds and animals. The chimney crown acts as a defense against animal intrusion, encouraging them to look elsewhere for a home. Who wants chirping and squeaking critters setting up camp in their chimney? (Answer: No one.)
Side view of completed crown coat repair with new stainless steel chimney caps and new flashing
  • They protect your home’s interior. A quality chimney crown is important because, if yours is cracked or was improperly designed, it will allow water to enter the chimney, which means damage can soon spread to your household. Once water has a way in, it can cause all sorts of destruction and degradation throughout your home, including wall/ceiling staining, rotted woodwork, mold growth, and more.

Long story short, if you think your crown may have cracks or flaws, it is imperative that you have repairs made as soon as possible.

We Use CrownCoat for Long-Lasting Protection

We use CrownCoat, which is a flexible waterproof sealant that goes over the entire chimney wash or crown, on crowns that are starting to deteriorate or have minor cracks and flaws. When properly applied, this preventive application stops water from penetrating the crown – and it carries a 15-year warranty too.

CrownCoat is a cost-effective way to stop or prevent water intrusion and further breakdown of the concrete, especially on washes and crowns with minor cracks and deterioration. Ask your technician if CrownCoat is right for your chimney.

Don’t Wait to Give Us A Call

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Firebox rebuilds are a frequent part of our chimney repair and relining services. Give us a call and we’ll be on our way before you know it.