We Rebuild Chimneys From the Ground Up

Are you building a home and dreaming of nights spent in front of a crackling fire in your new space? Or maybe you have a chimney, but have been told it should be demolished because of its many safety hazards?

If you want a fireplace and chimney that is safe, gorgeous, and built to last for the life of your home, Jack Pixley Sweeps is the company to call. We’ve studied under some of the world’s finest chimney masons and have taken great pleasure in learning how best to build and rebuild chimneys from the ground up.

In addition, our certified chimney technicians and masons love working with our customers to determine what fireplace or heating appliance best suits their needs.

Side view of a brown house with a completed ground up chimney rebuild

Ready to get started? We are too! Give us a call or book online with our certified chimney techs today.

Jack Pixley technicians using a crane to fix a chimney

How Is a Chimney Built?

There’s a lot that goes into building a quality chimney, and you can count on Jack Pixley Sweeps to cover it all, working quickly and conducting ourselves professionally, all while exceeding national safety standards.

Depending on your needs, our process of building your chimney may include:

    Our Chimney Rebuild Experts Know It All

    Ever seen a centuries-old building that’s falling to pieces, but the chimney is still standing?

    We’ve carefully studied what it takes to build a chimney that lasts, and our time-tested crown construction method can extend the life of the chimney to about 100 years. Our team members will be more than happy to tell you more about what makes our chimney builds stand apart.

    If you live in the Twin Cities area and need a new chimney built from the ground up, give us a call at 763-422-0481 today or schedule your appointment online. You can trust in us.


    A lot of folks don’t know that their gas furnace or water heater has a utility flue that needs maintenance too. You can trust our chimney repair crew to keep you informed and out of trouble.