CSIA-Certified Chimney Repairs

Masonry chimneys deteriorate overtime because of the freeze and thaw cycle. This compromises the structural integrity of your chimney and causes a decline in the efficiency of your fireplace. You need to invest in quality repairs from Jack Pixley Sweeps because our masons are aware of the codes and proper construction of a chimney!

Chimney repair services we provide:

  • Crumbling Crown Repair
  • Damaged Liner Repair and Replacement
  • Fireplace Remodels

You can trust Jack Pixley Sweeps to repair your chimney because we have been working on chimneys since 1977. Our technicians are all certified. We use age old techniques in tandem with modern technology and products to provide the best results possible for your chimney repairs. 

Hear what our customers are saying

I have used Jack Pixley since they discovered my fireplace had a chimney fire and replaced the innards with a stainless steel sleeve. The fireplace worked perfectly ever since with no smell of smoke in the lower level. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a quality job done on this important (and potentially dangerous) feature in their home.
Stephen Dent

From the very beginning JPS has been wonderful to work with. Scheduling was easy. Dave and Antwon called ahead and arrived on time. They were easy to work with and took plenty of time to answer all my questions. Because of information they offered I received a well-rounded understanding of the maintenance and repairs that are needed. I called JPS a few years ago with some questions and they were very helpful then, which is why I called them back now. I anticipate using them for all of my future fireplace needs.
DJ Kennedy