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We Install Rain Covers, Chimney Caps & Top-Mount Dampers

You want to keep rainwater – and any and all moisture – out of your chimney at any cost. An uncapped chimney can collect rainwater and funnel it directly to the chimney interior. And moisture in a chimney flue can contribute to liner deterioration, interfere with draft, and create potential for blockages – all things you don’t want.

Lucky for you, the cost of installing a rain cover, chimney cap, or top-mount damper atop your chimney isn’t high, and these devices are all incredibly effective at keeping water out. Chimney caps, in particular, are probably the most inexpensive measure for preventing water damage to the chimney – and for keeping birds/critters from nesting inside the chimney as well.

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Types of Chimney Caps

Stainless Steel Screen / Caps


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel
  • Easy Assembly, Lids Attach in Seconds with Wing Nuts (included) with Weld Bolts to Prevent Stripping
  • 1B-Gauge 3/4″ Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Side Bolt-On Mounting with Pointed Stainless Steel Slotted Hex-Head Bolts
  • Download PDF version of Specs

Copper Screen / Caps


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 24-Gauge Single Piece 100% Copper Hood with Scalloped Corners and Roll Formed Edges
  • 18-Gauge 3/4″ Expanded 100% Copper Mesh
  • Removable Hood for Easy Chimney Cleaning
  • 16-Gauge Copper-Plated 304 Stainless Steel Base for Extra Strength
  • Slotted Hex-Head Copper Plated Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Outside Band Mounting Provides Greater Free Air Space for Better Draft
  • Expanded Metal Mesh Turned at Base to Allow Cover to Rest Firmly on Tile Closing Any Openings Around the Tile
  • Download PDF version of Specs

Spark Arrestors / Bird & Squirrel Screens (Black-painted Galvanized Steel)


  • Heavy 16-Gauge 5/8″ Galvanized Steel Mesh
  • Effective Barrier to Small Animal Pests Such as Birds and Squirrels – Keeps Them Out of the Chimney
  • The Entire Unit is Made from Galvanized Steel and Painted Black to Resist Rusting
  • A Complete Selection of Stock Sizes are Available
  • Download PDF version of Specs

3 Reasons Every Chimney Needs A Cap

  1. Rain protection: Moisture deteriorates flue liners and mortar joints and can cause fireplace damper mechanisms to rust out.
  2. Animal/bird protection: Animals – such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents – that make their home in chimneys are a problem. If you don’t have a capped chimney, you may discover that animals and birds have placed their nesting materials in your chimney. This type of chimney obstruction is extremely flammable and dangerous, and can allow carbon monoxide to seep into the living space.
  3. Spark protection: The mesh screens on chimney caps protect your home from sparks emitted from your chimney. That means less danger of a fire. In addition, if your chimney were to catch fire, the mesh screen would help contain the fire in your chimney instead of letting it escape onto your roof where it could turn into a full-fledged house fire

If composed of a sturdy, corrosion-resistant material, a cap will protect your chimney system for a long time. A full-size chimney cap may be a bit more expensive, but it will cover the entire chimney crown and protect it from wear. When capping your chimney, you will want to insist on a stainless steel or copper cap. Caps made of other materials can be ripped off by animals and will rust over time, leaving ugly stains on the chimney.

A word on quality: Gelco and HomeSaver Pro stainless steel and copper chimney caps have a lifetime warranty because they are made to exacting standards from the finest materials. They are designed to stand up against severe weather, heat from your fireplace or appliance, and any animals that would like to make a home in your chimney. They’re made tough because that’s what you need in a chimney cap. Your Jack Pixley Sweeps chimney professional will be able to size and install a Gelco or HomeSaver Pro chimney cap that fits your home perfectly.

3 Reasons Every Chimney Needs a Chim-a-lator Top-Sealing Damper

  1. Save energy dollars: Traditional throat dampers have a metal-to-metal seal, so that, even when they are new, they still leak. This leaking tends to get worse over time, as the throat dampers rust and warp with heat. As a result, they allow warm air from your home to escape up your chimney, even when they are closed. This heat loss can significantly increase your energy costs. Top-mounted dampers seal warm air in 90% more efficiently than even new throat dampers and can save you a great deal of money and frustration.
  2. Protect your chimney from water damage: Water can run down your chimney, eroding the mortar joints and damaging the firebox in your fireplace. Our top-sealing dampers will protect the interior of the chimney from water damage when your fireplace is not in use.
  3. Prevent animal infiltration: Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents love to move into our chimneys. Top-sealing dampers provide extra chimney protection, keeping animals and unwanted debris out of your chimney system and home for the long haul.

The stainless steel Chim-a-Lator comes with a lifetime warranty and mounts on top of 17 common masonry fireplace flue sizes. It is operated by a convenient, adjustable regulator on the side wall of the fireplace. The Chim-a-Lator is much more efficient than the cast iron dampers that were once installed in the throat of the fireplace, and is the ideal replacement for old, defective dampers.

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Crown repairs sometimes involve chimney flashing repairs to solve leaky chimney problems.