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We Install & Repair Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing installation before and after with the top image showing the area being taped and prepped and the bottom image showing the completed repairChimney flashing is very commonly at fault when a chimney is leaking. When installed professionally with quality materials, chimney flashing can protect the chimney system for years and years. Of course, maintenance and regular inspections are key to preserving the flashing itself.

What Is Chimney Flashing? How Can It Get Damaged?

The flashing is the metal banding that wraps around your chimney at the point where it meets your roofline, making it watertight. Metal sheetwork is overlapped, woven together, and embedded in the mortar to keep the elements out of your chimney and preserve the entire structure.

Oftentimes, we find that chimney flashing:

  • has rusted, particularly around nail holes
  • was not professionally or correctly installed
  • was constructed out of improper or inadequate materials
  • has been torn, removed, or damaged as a result of strong winds or animal tampering

When flashing is damaged, torn, pried away from its original place of installation, or improperly installed, it cannot adequately protect the vulnerable area where your roof and chimney meet. Unprotected, this vulnerable area will allow water to penetrate the chimney system, many times resulting in extensive damage and expensive repairs. Installing new custom flashing is often an easy, long-lasting fix to a leaking chimney.

How Do I Know if My Flashing Is the Problem?

A professional will be needed to determine if your chimney flashing needs replacing or just repairing, but you can bet that your flashing needs some work if you see that:

  • the flashing is missing or loose
  • caulking has come out of the seals
  • the flashing is rusted through or covered with roofing tar

It’s also wise to have your flashing done (or redone) when having your roof re-shingled. Proper flashing should be incorporated into the shingles, and re-roofing can cause damage to the flashing or render it ineffective.

Please note that it’s not always necessary to replace your flashing entirely. FlashSeal is a rubber membrane that we may use to paint over your current flashing. FlashSeal creates a waterproof barrier that helps prevent water penetration that may otherwise occur due to improperly installed, rusted or peeling flashing. When properly applied with reinforcement fabric, FlashSeal will remain intact and in place for seven years from the date of application.

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Professional grade water repellent, expertly applied, is one of the best things you can do to protect your system from damaging and costly chimney leaks. And be sure you take care of any needed crown repair as well.