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Close up of chimney masonry after waterproofing treatment

Is your chimney or home masonry looking shabby these days? Does it seem to be getting worse, and you aren’t quite sure why? Severe spalling and deterioration of brick and mortar is most often caused by water penetration – all of which could be avoided with professional masonry waterproofing services.

Facing Chimney Damage?

Now, in some cases, we find that the deterioration of the masonry or crown is too advanced to use a waterproofing treatment. In those cases we will present you with an in-depth report of our findings, detailing the suggested repairs.

But no worries… Typically, once repairs are completed, we find that the chimney is still a great candidate for a water-repellent product. Having your masonry professionally waterproofed is one of the greatest preventive measures you can take when working to keep water out of your chimney.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we use products manufactured by SaverSystems, including ChimneySaver, FlashSeal, and CrownCoat. These quality materials provide the chimney with up to 10x the water protection of typical brands. They will help prevent leaks and extensive chimney repairs down the road (such as chimney rebuilding and chimney tuckpointing).

About Our SaverSystems Products

  • ChimneySaver is a penetrating water repellent that protects masonry from destructive water penetration and freeze/thaw damage. It offers long-term protection, penetrating ¼ inch in most areas and forming a strong bond with masonry and concrete. It is important to note that ChimneySaver is not a sealer. Sealers coat surfaces and clog masonry pores, causing surfaces to darken or appear glossy. Sealers also trap water vapors, actually accelerating deterioration. ChimneySaver has maximum breatheability, releasing water vapor and reducing water absorption.
  • CrownCoat is a flexible waterproof sealant that is applied over the entire chimney wash or crown. When properly applied, CrownCoat stops further water intrusion through the crown and carries a 15-year warranty. CrownCoat is a cost-effective way to stop or prevent water intrusion and further breakdown of the concrete, especially on washes and crowns with minor cracks and deterioration.
  • FlashSeal is a rubber membrane that the sweeps at Jack Pixley Sweeps may use to paint over your existing flashing. If the flashing has been improperly installed or is rusting or peeling, FlashSeal can be used to create a waterproof barrier. When properly applied with reinforcement fabric, FlashSeal will remain intact and in place for several years.

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Don’t put off leaky chimney repair or crown repair. It’s importwnt to keep your chimney protected from water problems.