Electric Fireplace Inserts

Upgrade Your Home & Cut Expenses With an Electric Fireplace Insert

Are you thinking about updating your home by adding a new fireplace? It’s a common idea for homeowners in the midst of planning out a redesign. A fireplace adds a cozy component to your living space and can increase your home’s property value too.

…but the idea of building or replacing a fireplace from the ground up can be intimidating, as the process is time-consuming, messy, and expensive. However, there’s an efficient and cost-effective alternative that can save you from the hassle of a large-scale project – an electric fireplace insert.

You can add an electric insert even if you don’t have an existing fireplace or a chimney system. All you need is space and electricity, and one of our chimney technicians can give you the fireplace you’ve been dreaming of. 

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What Is an Electric Fireplace Insert?

An electric fireplace insert is a heating unit that is designed to be placed either in an existing fireplace or into a recessed wall. Although there aren’t actual flames, these inserts resemble the look of a natural wood fire quite realistically. If you’re concerned about the hazards of having open flames in your home, an electric fireplace insert is the way to go. You can enjoy a nice night by the fire without having to worry about sparks, embers, or ash.

How Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Work?

Electric fireplace inserts are all about illusion. They use a combination of mirrors and LED lights to mimic a wood-burning fire. Worried about missing out on that familiar campfire smell? You don’t have to! Some electric inserts use scented oils to mimic the smell of burning firewood, so you get to have the full experience of a traditional masonry fireplace.

Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Give Off Heat?

Electric fireplace inserts give off heat, but they are better suited for supplemental heating to help support your current heating system.

How do they give off heat? Well, inserts with heating capabilities draw cool air from the room into the heating coil, then gently redirect the warm air back into the room through a fan. They are great for adding warmth and ambiance to a room – but you shouldn’t rely on them to heat your entire home because their heat output might not be sufficient. 

Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Need To Be Vented?

One of the biggest benefits of an electric fireplace insert is that it doesn’t need to be vented (like its wood-burning and gas-fueled counterparts). You are free to have the insert installed anywhere in your home without having to consider installing a vent/chimney or rehabbing a non-working chimney system.

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace Insert in an Existing Fireplace? 

You bet! If you have an existing fireplace that you want to repurpose, we can install an electric fireplace insert into that space.

Now, we know that electric inserts don’t produce gas or smoke and don’t require vents to be safe to use. That said, should you decide to use an existing fireplace, we do recommend checking your chimney cap and crown. Although the chimney won’t be in use, water entry is still a threat and could cause serious harm to the appliance. Reinforcing the chimney crown and cap can help you avoid water damage.  

Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Require Any Maintenance?

Compared to traditional fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts are very low maintenance. They don’t produce ash, soot, or harmful gases, and there’s no need for a chimney cleaning either.

However, a yearly inspection is still recommended to ensure that all electrical components are functioning properly. Small problems that go unchecked can easily snowball into larger problems over time. Regular checkups allow you to catch and address minor issues before they lead to more extensive repair work.

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