Watch out for the signs of chimney damage. Have it inspected and repaired right away!

Watch out for the signs of chimney damage. Have it inspected and repaired right away!

Now that spring is headed our way, we can finally cut back on using your chimney. This is also the time you need to start thinking about maintenance. You should have at least one chimney sweep and inspection done every year. You can find the right technician by not only reading reviews and trusting in your family and friends, but also making sure that they are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified. To schedule your chimney appointment, call the pros at Jack Pixley Sweeps.

What kind of repairs will need to be done to your chimney?

Even the smallest crack can turn into the biggest hassle if not dealt with. This is why if you see something out of the ordinary that you call for a checkup. If you live in an area where high precipitation is common, then any crack you have in the structure could hold this water and allow mold to grow. This can happen in as little as two days, and the mold can spread to the foundation of your home and you air supply.

Water can also enter the chimney when the flashing is damaged. Sometimes the flashing can be repaired, but often it will just need replacing. Lastly, a chimney cap will keep water from running down inside of the chimney and causing liner and other internal damage.

After these repairs are finished, your technician may suggest waterproofing your chimney. This is a simple process in which a sealant is sprayed on the chimney to help prevent water damage. You should always make sure you are sealing a dry, clean chimney.

What happens when these repairs are not taken care of?

When repairs are left for long periods of time without care, they can worsen. Cracks will begin to expand and will be able to collect more water after more storms and high winds. Also, if you do not have your chimney sweep on time, blockages can become larger and more dangerous. This could lead to a higher chance of chimney fire. Blockages will cause draft problems as well, which could keep harmful gases like carbon monoxide in.