Since 1977, our friends and neighbors in the Edina, Minnesota area have trusted Jack Pixley Sweeps to service and maintain their fireplaces and chimneys. Now, we are proud to have another way to further serve our customers; this season, we will have a new display showroom!

Come see our fireplaces and inserts

When it comes to selecting new heating appliances, simply flipping through a catalog often isn’t enough. Because of this, we’ve expanded our business to include a new display showroom in our Spring Lake Park location. This new showroom will allow customers to check out the latest and most popular fireplaces and inserts in person; the ability to see, touch, and feel a new heating appliance is often the most helpful way to make an informed decision about your new fireplace!

Gas Insert - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley SweepsWhy choose an insert for your home

Visitors to our new display showroom will notice that we are beginning to carry more and more fireplace inserts. The sales of gas and wood inserts have become a growing segment of our business; homeowners love their efficiency, ease of use, and low operation costs. The following are just a few of the reasons to consider installing a new fireplace insert in your home.

– Choice in fuels: Fireplace inserts are no longer limited to one fuel source. Whether you prefer wood, gas, or pellets, there is a fireplace insert to meet your home’s heating needs.
– Variety of styles: Inserts give homeowners unprecedented choice when it comes to the style of their fireplace. Whether your home is sleek and contemporary, country and rustic, or somewhere in between, there is an insert to fit your home’s unique aesthetic.
Increased efficiency: Fireplace inserts are some of the most efficient heating appliances available on the market today. By using closed circuit combustion, more of the fuel source is completely burned and less heat is lost up the chimney. The can increase heat production while simultaneously lowering fuel usage and costs.

Our other services

In addition to our new display showroom, Jack Pixley Sweeps will continue to offer customers the same high quality fireplace and chimney services they have come to expect over the years. Our certified chimney technicians and skilled masons can service and maintain your fireplace system from the top of the flue to the bottom of the firebox.

We can take care of more than just your chimney; at Jack Pixley Sweeps, we also offer dryer vent services and cleaning! Having your dryer vents cleaned at least once per year is an excellent way to improve your dryer’s efficiency while reducing the risk of accidental dryer fire.

Whether you are looking for quality chimney services from a company you can trust or are interested in seeing in person the latest trends in fireplaces and heating appliances, Jack Pixley Sweeps is the one-stop shop for all of your fireplace and chimney needs. Contact us today for more information on our new showroom area and new location in Spring Lake Park. We look forward to seeing all of you at our celebratory Open House later this summer!