At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are known for helping our customers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area care for their fireplaces and chimney systems. But did you know we can help take care of your gutters, too?

After a long winter, spring rains will soon be on the way! Make sure your home is ready for the coming weather by having your gutters professionally cleaned by Jack Pixley Sweeps. Gutter cleaning can help protect your home’s exterior while preventing water damage issues including foundation problems, wood rot, or erosion.

Why are gutters important?gloved hand pulling out dirt from gutters

Gutters serve an important purpose when it comes to protecting our homes against water damage. The primary purpose of gutters is to protect our roofs, siding, and foundation against water damage; gutters direct water away from the sides and base of the house. Gutters also protect our roofs during the winter by preventing large icicles from forming at the edge of the roofline – and damaging shingles.

How often should I clean my gutters?

Most homeowners should clean their gutters twice per year]: once in the late fall/early winter and once again in the spring. Cleaning gutters at the end of the fall season helps to remove most of the leaves that have fallen, while a spring gutter cleaning gets rid of seed pods and blossoms. If your home is surrounded by a significant amount of trees, additional gutter cleanings may be needed.

Can I tell if I need to clean my gutters?

It can be possible to see if your gutters need to be cleaned – even if you aren’t comfortable on a ladder. One of the primary signs of clogged gutters is water that drips from the gutters when it isn’t raining; this shows that water is trapped or blocked in the gutters. Water overflowing out of the tops of the gutters during rainfall can also indicate clogs or blockages that are preventing water flow. Water damage in the basement or along the side of your home is a serious sign of clogged gutters that should not be ignored.

Reasons to have your gutters cleaned

The following are three of the many reasons to have your gutters cleaned.

1. Roof damage. When clogs cause water to overflow out of gutters, issues with shingles and roofing materials can occur.
2. Cracks in the foundation. Overflowing water from gutters often pools around the home’s foundation. This prolonged exposure to water can cause damage, such as cracking to occur. This is particularly prevalent in our area where the repeated freezing and thawing during the winter can exacerbate the damage.
3. Keep out pests. Damp leaves and other debris in the gutters are the perfect nesting ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Keep them away from – and out of – your home by having gutters cleaned.

Heavy spring rains are on the way; make sure your home is ready by having your gutters cleaned! For more information about gutter cleaning or to schedule your next appointment, contact Jack Pixley Sweeps today!