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We Also Set Up Scaffolding!


Many chimney repairs require the setup of scaffold towers around the chimney. Our familiarity and training with scaffolding comes in especially handy when we’re rebuilding a chimney from the ground up. Our repair crew is skilled in the safe and proper setup of both ground and roof scaffolding, so as to meet and exceed safety standards and regulations. But having our own scaffolding isn’t only beneficial to us — it’s beneficial to our customers! Because we own our own scaffolding and are able to properly set up a scaffold tower at most homes, we also are able to save our customers a lot of money. Having a scaffold company set up scaffolding can run thousands of dollars. By training our own repair crew and owning our scaffolding, we can save ourselves and our customers this extra expense, and ensure that the only people who come to your house to work on your chimney are employees of Jack Pixley Sweeps.

The proper setup of scaffolding takes between two and four hours in most cases. The reason that scaffold setup can take so long is that it is completely dependent on the structure and size of each home and chimney and is not a cookie cutter process. For safety reasons, we are required to tie off the scaffolding every 20 feet. The majority of the time we are able to use the chimney to tie off, but in some cases we are required to put anchor bolts into the side of the home to tie off the scaffolding. When setting up roof scaffolding, we are required to anchor the scaffolding into the roof by drilling anchor bolts to secure the scaffold. We are then able to safely erect the tower to the height required to complete the chimney work.


Why Trust Scaffold Setup To Jack Pixley Sweeps?scaffold-set-up

It is important to know that the safe and proper erection of a scaffold tower takes hours of training. Our repair technicians have been through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training and scaffold setup training. If you’re in need of a chimney rebuild, we don’t recommend hiring a chimney sweep or masonry company that is not certified to set up scaffolding. Doing so could result in serious injuries or structural disasters.

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When it comes to building a chimney from the ground up, don’t mess around with unqualified amateurs. Call on the knowledge and experience of the masonry service pros at Jack Pixley Sweeps for quality work and amazing results.

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