Minnesota State Fair Special Image - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley SweepsThe Minnesota State Fair may be over, but there is still time to take advantage of our special pricing! For a limited time, we are offering a State Fair Special on both chimney sweepings with inspections and gas fireplace and insert maintenance. Take advantage of this special pricing until it ends on September 16!

Minnesota State Fair Special Details

We are currently offering special State Fair pricing to our customers on select services. Now through September 16, save $40 per sweep with inspection; all chimney sweepings and inspections are carried out by a CSIA certified chimney sweep.

In addition to services for your wood burning fireplace, we also have special pricing on gas fireplace and insert services. Customers can save $20 off their gas fireplace and insert maintenance services. In order to take advantage of these special fall savings, customers must mention the website coupon.

Chimney sweepings and inspections

While we offer a wide range of chimney services, one of the best things you can do for your fireplace system is to have it swept and inspected every year. Regular yearly chimney sweepings can keep your fireplace burning safely and efficiently; by removing flammable creosote buildup from the flue we can significantly reduce the risk of accidental chimney fire.

In addition to having your chimney swept, an inspection can help identify any areas of damage or deterioration. “A chimney inspection is like an annual dental check-up,” says Ashley Eldridge, Director of Education for the CSIA. “It’s preventative maintenance that helps minimize potential hazards.”

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are one of the few companies in the area that provides closed circuit camera inspections. This level of inspection helps uncover any hidden damage within the chimney and can be an important diagnostic tool when uncovering the cause of long term chimney issues such as leaks or drafting problems.

Gas fireplace and insert maintenance

Gas fireplaces and inserts need maintenance, too! While these heating appliances may not require you to shovel ashes after every use, they still need to be regularly cleaned and inspected. Professional care is especially needed for gas fireplaces; due to the delicate and exact connections needed by the gas lines, accidentally shifting a burning as little as half an inch can cause major performance problems.

Fireplace inserts also need regular upkeep and maintenance. The kind of fuel source your insert uses will impact the kind of preventative care it needs. While the flue of gas inserts need to be inspected for signs of acidic condensation, wood burning inserts need to be checked for the same creosote buildup as traditional masonry fireplaces.

Don’t put off your chimney maintenance; schedule before September 16th and take advantage about our state fair pricing! For more information on our State Fair Special, contact Jack Pixley Sweeps today – and don’t forget to mention our online coupon! We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in the Twin Cities and are dedicated to being “the name you can trust!”