During the hot spring and summer months, most homeowners pay little attention to their chimneys. However, now is the best time to have your chimney maintenance and repairs done, especially if your chimney is in need of masonry repairs.

During the winter, fireplaces and chimneys endure months of heavy use and abuse. Coupled with exposure to freezing temperatures and other winter conditions, most chimney systems are in need of maintenance at the end of the season.

Now is the Time to do Masonry Repairs - Don't Wait Til Fall - Minneapolis MN - Jack PixleyIf your chimney or fireplace needs masonry repairs, now is the perfect time to have them done!

How masonry gets damaged

There are a number of ways that your chimney’s masonry may be damaged. Below are some of the most common causes of masonry damage.

Water: Moisture is one of the most damaging forces to your chimney and fireplace. While bricks and mortar are designed to stand up against water, repetitive damage from rain or leaks can cause masonry to crack or spall. The masonry in the firebox is particularly susceptible to water damage from chimney leaks; these bricks are designed to withstand high heats, not exposure to water.

Settling: All homes settle over time. However, if your fireplace was not built on a proper foundation this can cause it to crack or shift. Masonry damage from settling is often seen as cracks in the firebox or tilting or uneven chimneys. Chimneys that have been damaged by settling should be repaired as soon as possible to ensure they are stable and safe.

Other damage: While masonry is sturdy, it can be easily damaged if not correctly cared for. One cause of masonry damage that homeowners often forget about is power washing. Attempting to clean your chimney with a power washer can leave your bricks chipped, cracked, spalled, and in need of repair. Similarly, non-breathable sealants or paints that are not designed for use on masonry can actually further damage your chimney instead of protecting it.

Why have your masonry repaired now

Masonry damaged should ideally be repaired as soon as it is found. If you have existing or ongoing masonry damage, however, the summer is a great time of year to have your masonry repaired. Below are three reasons to have your masonry repaired before the fall.

1. Less fireplace use: As the temperatures outside climb, most homeowners are less likely to want to use their fireplaces. Because of this, you would not be inconvenienced or unable to use your fireplace when wanted when having it repaired now as to in the summer.
2. Fewer weather delays: Masonry repairs during the fall are often delayed by weather issues. Likewise, some masonry repairs cannot be performed in cooler temperatures, making them difficult – if not impossible – to complete in the fall or winter.
3. Less wait time: The fall is the most popular time of year for chimney maintenance and repairs. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to get an appointment at a convenient time. Having your masonry repaired in the summer allows you to schedule the appointment when you want it rather than waiting weeks for an available time.

If you have masonry repairs that need to get done, don’t wait until fall. Let our expert masons take care of your chimney so it is ready to use when the temperatures drop. Call Jack Pixley Sweeps at 763-422-0481 today to schedule your masonry appointment!