While Jack Pixley Sweeps may be the name you trust for all your fireplace and chimney needs, we can take care of other areas of your home too! Did you know we also offer professional gutter cleaning services? Having your gutters cleaned is a wonderful way to maintain your home’s exterior while keeping water out of your house.

Why do I need to have my gutters cleaned?Clean Your Gutters - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley Sweep

Gutters protect both the interior and exterior of your home by directing water away from the house and safely into drainage areas away from your home. While we often take gutters for granted when they are working properly, good gutters can protect the foundation, windows, siding, and interior ceilings and walls in your home.

Gutters aren’t just important on rainy days; they can also help protect your home during winter weather. The presence of gutters prevents large icicles from forming directly on the shingles of your roofline. This added barrier of protection prevents the icicles from pulling on the shingles while minimizing the risk of water entry.

What are the benefits of clean gutters?

Having clean gutters can prevent water damage in and around your home. Functioning gutters keep water away from the roof, foundation, siding, and windows of your home; this, in turn, keeps water from damaging ceilings, walls, and floors inside your home. Having clean gutters can also have unexpected benefits, such as preventing mold, mildew, and rotting wood. Likewise, this can help reduce the risk of termite infestation as the insects are drawn to the moisture.

How often should I clean my gutters?

How often you need to have your gutters cleaned can depend on a number of factors including location of your home, number of trees nearby, and the kinds of trees and foliage surrounding your home. While most homeowners need to have their gutters cleaned twice per year, the number or kinds of trees surrounding your home can impact how much debris accumulates. The more leaves, pinecones, branches, and other debris that accumulate on your roof or in your gutters, the more often your gutters need to be cleaned.

How can I tell if my gutters need to be cleaned?

There are a number of ways to tell if it is time to have your gutters cleaned.

  • Visible debris or blockages in the gutters. This includes bird nests, leaves, branches, and even lost toys and balls.
  • Water overflowing from the gutters during rain storms, especially if it is not raining hard
  • Water damage along the side of the home or water pooling on the sides of the home
  • Water dripping from the gutters even if it has not recently rained
  • The presence of water in the basement not caused by a plumbing leak

If you trust Jack Pixley Sweeps to take care of your fireplace and chimney, trust us with other areas of your home too. Contact us today for more information on our professional gutter cleaning services or to schedule an appointment.