The warm weather we have each summer means that very few homeowners use their fireplaces during these months. While you may not need the additional heat, many miss the ambiance their fireplace creates. One way to enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace without overheating your home is with a fireplace insert.

Fireplace Insert Installation in the Summer - Minneapolis MN

Fireplace inserts can be used decoratively or as a way to help heat your home. Likewise, these extremely efficient appliances are much easier to care for than traditional hearth fireplaces. This makes them an ideal choice for busy families who want the look and feel of a wood fire without the hassle.

Why install a new insert in summer

Summer is a great time of year to make repairs or upgrades to your fireplace system. Because fireplaces are rarely used during the warm summer months, you will not be “left out in the cold” if you are unable to use your fireplace while the repairs are being made. Likewise, some masonry repairs cannot be completed when the temperatures outside drop below a certain point; this makes the warm months of summer an ideal time to have masonry work completed.

The primary benefit of having your new fireplace insert installed this summer is that it will be already ready to use when temperatures begin to cool down in the fall! Finding the perfect insert now will allow you and your family to be warm and cozy when the first cold snap arrives.

Benefits of fireplace inserts

Below are just five of the many reasons to consider installing a fireplace insert.

  1. Efficiency. Fireplace inserts operate using closed system combustion. This allows them to much more efficiently and completely burn their fuel source, as well as minimizes the amount of temperature controlled air that is lost up the chimney. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association, adding a fireplace insert can reduce energy bills by as much as 40%.
  2. Environmentally friendly. Unlike open hearth fireplaces, fireplace inserts are strictly regulated by the EPA. EPA Certified inserts produce nearly zero particulate emissions; this makes them a greener fireplace choice as it significantly reduces your carbon footprint.
  3. Avoid repairs. If the inside of your firebox is damage, expensive masonry repairs may seem inevitable. However, installing an insert may help you avoid costly masonry repairs while still letting you enjoy a roaring fire.
  4. Fuel choices. Inserts are available for nearly every fireplace fuel source including coal, natural gas, pellets, propane, and wood. This gives homeowners a wide variety of choices to meet their fireplace preferences.
  5. Style. Modern fireplace inserts are available in styles to fit in the interior décor of any home. Whether you want the classic look of a traditional fireplace or a more modern or contemporary design, you can find an insert that matches your style.

Summer is a great time for a new fireplace insert! To learn more about how a fireplace insert can benefit your family, contact the experts at Jack Pixley Sweeps today!