Chimneys are designed to withstand mother nature’s worst. Unfortunately, overexposure to the elements can cause damage – particularly when regular maintenance and upkeep are not performed. However, homeowners have a number of options when it comes to extending the life of their chimneys. At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are proud to use SaverSystems products. These products can help extend the life of your chimney by protecting it against water damage – and may even be able to stop existing damage from getting worse too.

SaverSystems products can save your chimney!

Rain on a Window - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley SweepsIf water has damaged the masonry of your chimney, SaverSystems products may be able to help. These waterproofing products are specially designed for use on chimney systems. Waterproofing the chimney can help prevent further damage and avoid expensive chimney repairs such as tuckpointing or chimney rebuild. Whether the bricks are beginning to crumble, the flashing has lost its seal, or the chimney crown has a crack, SaverSystems has a product to save your chimney!

  • ChimneySaver: ChimneySaver is a penetrating, waterproofing product that is made to stop water penetration and prevent further damage to the freeze-thaw process. This product provides long-term protection against water damage, forming a strong bond with both masonry and concrete. When it is applied, it can penetrate as deep as ¼ inch in most areas of the chimney.

Because traditional paints and sealants are non-permeable, painting the chimney traps any existing water inside the bricks. When this occurs, damage under the surface can continue to take place. ChimneySaver is a vapor-permeable product, meaning that while it keeps water from rain, snow, and other sources of moisture out. It also allows any trapped water in your chimney to evaporate.

  • CrownCoat: CrownCoat is a flexible, waterproof sealant that is designed to be applied to the chimney crown and chimney wash. The chimney crown is particularly vulnerable to water damage because of its location. Because it is a flat surface that seals the top of the chimney around the flue, the chimney crown is often exposed to significant amounts of water and pooling snow or rain.

For chimney crowns with minor damage or those that simply want to do preventative maintenance, CrownCoat is an easy and cost-effective way to prevent water damage. When it is applied by a chimney professional, it carries a 15-year guarantee against further water intrusion.

  • FlashSeal: Flashing is the strips of metal and plastic that seal the joint between the chimney and roof. When incorrectly installed or damaged, leaky flashing can damage the chimney and the surrounding roof, walls, and ceilings. FlashSeal is a rubber membrane that can be applied over existing flashing to create a waterproof barrier. When it is applied with reinforcement fabric, FlashSeal is guaranteed to last seven years.

Don’t let water ruin the bricks and mortar of your chimney. Instead, keep your entire system looking beautiful for years to come with SaverSystems waterproofing products. For more information about waterproofing your chimney or SaverSystems products, contact Jack Pixley Sweeps today!