Fireplaces have always been the heart of a home. While they were once used as the primary way to heat a home – and even as a way to cook food! – fireplace are more decorative than in the past. If you are looking for a fireplace that combines both modern style with old-world heating functionality, look no further than Ahrens fireplace systems!What Are Ahren-Fireplace Systems Image - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley

Fireplace aesthetics vs functionality

Many modern fireplaces are designed with an emphasis on aesthetics instead of functionality. While sitting in front of these fireplaces may be pleasant, they may do little to actually add heat to the home. Fireplaces that are not well designed:

  • Cause the room to get smoky when not in use
  • Make the house seem colder when lighting a fire
  • Cause the walls surrounding the fireplace to seem hot when in use

These burning conditions do more than just affect fireplace performance; they can also make it unsafe to use your fireplace.

About Ahren-fire systems

Designed and manufactured in Sioux Falls, South Dakota by the Ahrens Chimney Company, Ahren-Fire fireplaces are made with both form and function in mind. In addition to looking nice, Ahren-Fire fireplaces are designed to radiate heat back into your home. These all-in-one systems include everything from the firebox to the flue; when professionally installed in place of an existing fireplace, they can help solve a number of performance and safety problems.

The unique design of Ahren-Fire fireplaces heat your home with minimal heat loss up the chimney. Likewise, their design creates optimal drafting and prevents smoke from blowing back into your home. Ahren-Fire fireplaces are also the only restoration fireplace product to meet or exceed the stringent safety testing criteria by Underwriters Laboratory.

Benefits of Ahren-fire fireplaces

When an existing masonry hearth fireplace does not meet current building codes, it can be unsafe to use. In addition to fireplace performance issues such as incorrect drafting or not creating enough heat, hidden hazards such as combustible materials around the hearth or incorrect thickness of the masonry can also be present. Investing in and having a complete, all-inclusive Ahren-fire fireplace system professionally installed can give you peace of mind that all of your chimney components not only meet current building standards, but work together to improve the safety and efficiency of your fireplace.

Installing a new Ahren-fire fireplace

Ahren-fire fireplace systems are designed to be easily installed into an existing masonry hearth. With eight different size options, homeowners can find the perfect fit for their hearth. Ahren-fire systems are an excellent alternative to wood burning inserts; they improve safety and efficiency without losing the true wood-burning experience. This allows homeowners to safely enjoy the heat, sights, sounds, and smells of their wood burning hearth once again.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are proud to install Ahren-Fire fireplace systems for our customers. For more information on these safe and efficient alternatives to wood-burning inserts, or to learn how they can help bring your older fireplace back to current building standards and codes, contact us today!