While it’s warm and sunny now, cooler weather will be here before we know it. Summer is the perfect time to start thinking about firewood for the fall.

What is a cord of firewood?

When sold in large quantities, wood is typically sold by the cord. However, many people are unfamiliar with how large – or small – a cord of wood is. Unfortunately, many wood dealers capitalize on this confusion by cutting corners and underselling on cords of wood. The following measurements of the different cords of wood can help buyers ensure they are getting the correct amount of wood in their cord.

  • Standard cord: Also known as a full or bush cord. 4’H X 8’L X 4’ Deep, 128 cubic feet
  • Face cord: Also known as a rick or short cord. 4’H X 8’L X 1’-2’ Deep
  • Long cord: 4’H X 8’L with a depth greater than 4’
  • Unit: 1/24th of a standard cord; can fit in the trunk of most cars. 2’H X 2’L X 16” Deep

When buying wood, especially in quantities of a cord or larger, it is important to ensure you are getting wood that has been seasoned. Seasoned wood has been cut, stacked, and stored for at least six months or longer to reduce the moisture content in the wood.

Additional tips for buying firewood

The following tips can help ensure you are getting the best possible firewood.

  1. Find a reputable dealer. There are a number of places to find firewood; hardware stores, fireplace dealers, tree trimmers, and independent sellers are just a number of places to find firewood. A reputable seller should be able to answer questions about the wood, such as when it was cut, what type of trees it came from, and how long it has been seasoned.
  2. Pick the right wood. While the type of wood you use often comes down to personal preference, not all woods were created equally. Hard woods such as ash, maple, and oak burn at hotter temperatures and with less smoke, making them ideal for indoor fires.
  3. Store your firewood correctly. After spending – and money!- finding the right firewood, don’t ruin your investment by storing it incorrectly. Wood should be stored off the ground in a neat stack; while the top should be covered to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood pile, leave the sides open for ventilation.

Finding and buying the right amount of firewood can ensure you and your family enjoy cost effective fires all season long. For more information on firewood cords, contact Jack Pixley Sweeps today.