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If you hear noises coming from your chimney, it could mean that you have an unwanted visitor. Because they’re high and dry, warm, and tucked away from the elements and predators, many animals prefer to make their homes in our chimneys. Unfortunately, many animals end up trapped in the chimney, causing obstructions in your chimney and unpleasant odors in your home.

What Types Of Animals Prefer Chimneys & Why?

Raccoons are one animal that can and will enter your chimney if possible. They love the warmth that radiates from our homes and prefer the area above the damper, which makes for an especially great nesting place. It provides a dark area where they can sleep and stay warm during the day. To prevent raccoons from coming and going, we recommend installing a stainless steel screen and rain cover. If a raccoon feels safe in your chimney, it will make its home inside and will possibly even raise its babies there. Don’t wait until you have a family of raccoons stuck in your chimney – call us today!


Other animals, like wood ducks and squirrels, will oftentimes enter a chimney without being able to get out. If we are called when the homeowners first hear noises coming from their chimney, we are usually able to remove the animals without harm or injury.

Chimney Swifts are known for (and named for) their love of chimneys. These birds are federally protected, and by law, we are not permitted to remove these birds from your chimney. Once a chimney swift has set up residence, it must be left alone until it has had its babies and has left the nest. Once it leaves your chimney for the season, we can come in and sweep your chimney and install a stainless steel screen and raincover. If we do not install the stainless steel screen and raincover, the chimney swifts will return to that same nest every year.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, each animal removal can be different depending on the home and the animal to be removed.

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