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Closed Circuit Chimney System Scans

Most chimney flues are not easily accessed without at least partial removal of masonry. Even bright lights or sunshine are usually not enough to illuminate all areas of your chimney. But when it comes to giving you assurance that your chimney is clean and safe, we don’t want even a single area of your chimney to go unseen. Thankfully, closed circuit chimney scanning technology allows us to give every part of the inside of your chimney a very close look, so that you can feel confident that we’ve given your chimney a thorough inspection and cleaning, and that there are no dangers lurking there.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we use the Chim-Scan Closed Circuit Internal Evaluation System in every inspection we perform. This allows us to inspect what we visually can’t see. When we’re done cleaning your fireplace, we make it a point to go through and actually check to make sure that your fireplace is functioning as it’s intended. We ask that the homeowners be present if at all possible to see this footage for themselves. This not only reassures you that your chimney has been thoroughly cleaned but allows you to see firsthand any issues or problems that we may discover inside your flue.

About the Chim-Scan Closed Circuit Camera

Chim-Scan chimney inspection cameras and chimney cleaning tools are designed to work in flues of all sizes—from a 3” venting pipe to a 13”x18” fireplace flue—and can also be used to inspect masonry and prefabricated chimney flues. In fact, this versatile and powerful technology can be used in chimneys of all types—including oil-, gas-, wood-, coal-, pellet- or corn-burning appliances. These chimney video inspection systems produce photos and video from inside the chimney structure so that chimney sweeps can document the general condition of the chimney’s interior or find any hidden defects. By using the Chim-Scan inspection camera after chimney sweeping, we will be able to provide you with verification that your chimney flue is free from creosote, soot, and debris and that your chimney is ready to vent gases and soot properly.

The Chim-Scan chimney camera is especially valuable for recording the condition of flues after a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or other seismic event. Furthermore, the Chim-Scan Robotic vision system can be used to inspect residential and commercial air ducts and dryer vents. Jack Pixley Sweeps uses Chim-Scan exclusively because it is the best sweep camera there is.

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