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Residents Of Dellwood Call Jack Pixley Sweeps For Quality Chimney Care

For over four decades, the team here at Jack Pixley Sweeps has been providing comprehensive chimney services and unparalleled customer care to homeowners in Dellwood and the surrounding areas. When you call Jack Pixley Sweeps, you get the best in customer service and the results you need to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our customers in Dellwood call on us for all of their chimney and hearth needs, both large and small. Whether your chimney and fireplace are old or new, our technicians have the knowledge and skill to provide total maintenance and care, and even repair and restore your system.

What Do We Offer?

Here’s an overview of the chimney-related services we regularly provide in Dellwood

Chimney Sweep & Inspection

We offer annual chimney inspections and regular sweeps to ensure your system is running great and free of harmful – potentially flammable – debris. We can also perform smoke tests and input measures to keep animals out of your chimney.

Gas Fireplace Service

Did you know that gas fireplaces need annual inspections too? Sure, they burn cleaner than wood – and are a lot easier to use and maintain – but that doesn’t mean that malfunctions and buildup cannot occur. Be sure to get regular servicing on the books with our experts.

Fireplace Installation

Looking to add or upgrade a heating appliance? We can help. We install gas, wood, and electric inserts, and we have the credentials to ensure everything is done safely and accurately. And after the fact? Count on us for regular servicing.

Fireplace Surrounds & Refacing

Sometimes an upgrade is more cosmetic than anything else. If you like your fuel type and efficiency levels, but feel the look of your system is outdated or just not your tastes, ask us about our fireplace refacing and makeover options.

Chimney Repair & Relining

Our repair services are exhaustive, including leaky chimney repairs, rain cover and chimney cap installation, flashing repairs, waterproofing, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out if your fireplace or chimney is failing. With almost five decades of industry experience, there isn’t much we aren’t able to tackle.

Chimney Crown Repairs

It’s unfortunately true that older-style chimney crowns often weren’t built correctly – and suffer extensive damage as a result. This leads to water damage and moisture invasion. Whether you have a mostly-sturdy crown that needs some patching up or are in need of an entire rebuild, we’re here to help.

Firebox Rebuilds

Your firebox is where the main show happens, so it needs to be in tip-top shape – not only for cosmetic reasons, but to ensure your fires don’t spread to other areas of your home. Count on us for repairs and rebuilds.

Ahren-Fire Fireplace Installation

In addition to rebuilding a firebox, we can install an Ahren-Fire system into your existing fireplace. This is great for those facing a lot of damage or who know their current setup isn’t up to proper codes and standards. The improved appearance and efficiency will be obvious from the get-go!

Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney rebuilds are big projects, but they’re nothing we can’t handle. If your chimney is leaning, tilted, or on the verge of collapse, don’t waste any more time stressing, and leave your chimney rebuild job to us.

Chimney & Utility Flue Relining

We can reline the chimney coming from your fireplace, as well as any flues coming from your water heater or furnace. A proper liner is vital for keeping your system operating safely and properly, so don’t neglect this important maintenance. Whatever you need, we can help.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers can turn into serious fire hazards if you neglect them. In fact, your dryer vents should be cleaned out annually by a professional to ensure everything operates as safely as possible. Trust us for the job – we know venting.

Give Us a Call & See Why We’re Dellwood’s #1 Choice for Fireplace Service

Jack Pixley Sweeps has been a recognized leader in the chimney sweep industry since 1977. We know how important it is to properly maintain your chimney, venting, and masonry, and are here to troubleshoot and repair any issues we find to help preserve the integrity of your home. We’ve built our reputation on being dependable, honest experts in our field, so you can feel confident when we’re in your home.

Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and receive ongoing continuing education. They, along with the rest of our customer service team, understand and provide you with excellent support.

When you call Jack Pixley Sweeps, we will patiently answer all of your questions and concerns, provide you with a detailed and written estimate, and provide exceptional work and customer care. Call us or book online through our site today!


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