While our customers understand the importance of regular chimney sweepings and inspections, many are surprised to learn that dryer ventsdryer vent need to be regularly cleaned, too. Dryer vent maintenance is an important part of helping your dryer operate safely and efficiently while extending the life of your appliance.

The importance of cleaning your dryer vents

Maintaining dryer vents is about more than cleaning lint out of the lint trap after each load. By having your dryer vents professionally cleaned, you can help your dryer operate more efficiently while also significantly reducing the risk of dryer fire.

The same lint that is found in the lint trap also accumulates in hoses and vents over time. As lint builds up in the dryer’s hoses it can begin to restrict air flow; the restricted air flow causes the dryer to work hard, producing super-heated air to compensate.

The cycle of restricted air flow and hotter and hotter air can cause the lint in the vents to ignite. Because lint is highly flammable, a fire in the dryer vents can quickly get out of control and spread to the rest of the house. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are more than 15,000 dryer fires caused by clogged dryer vents in the US each year. Although preventable through dryer maintenance, these fires cause more than $200 million in property damages each year – as well as endangering and injuring families.

Signs your dryer vents need to be cleaned

Many homeowners ask how they can tell when their dryer vents need to be cleaned. While an annual cleaning is recommended, there are several other indicators that your dryer vents may be getting clogged. The following are six signs that its time to schedule an appointment to have your dryer vents cleaned.

  1. A full load of clothes does not completely dry within one cycle.
  2. A regular cycle takes more than 45 minutes to dry a load of clothes.
  3. More and more lint accumulates in the lint trap after each load.
  4. The dryer or clothes fresh from the dryer have a strong musty odor.
  5. The surface of the dryer or the laundry room become excessively hot after use.
  6. Lint and debris are visible around exterior vent terminations.

Knock dryer vents off your spring cleaning list now!

The season for spring cleaning may not arrive for several more months, but now is a great time to have your dryer vents cleaned! Our holiday discounts are still in effect, giving customers an extra incentive to schedule their dryer vent cleanings now. Customers can receive a $40 discount on a dryer vent cleaning when scheduled along with a chimney sweeping! Likewise, we also have a $40 discount available on chimney sweepings that include an inspection.

Help your dryer operate more safely and efficiently – and take advantage of our remaining holiday discounts – by scheduling your dryer vent cleaning with Jack Pixley Sweeps. Contact us today for more information on the importance of cleaning dryer vents or to schedule your next appointment.