Dryer Vent Cleaning

While our customers understand the importance of regular chimney sweepings and inspections, many are surprised to learn that dryer ventsdryer vent need to be regularly cleaned, too. Dryer vent maintenance is an important part of helping your dryer operate safely and efficiently while extending the life of your appliance.

The importance of cleaning your dryer vents

Maintaining dryer vents is about more than cleaning lint out of the lint trap after each load. By having your dryer vents professionally cleaned, you can help your dryer operate more efficiently while also significantly reducing the risk of dryer fire.

The same lint that is found in the lint trap also accumulates in hoses and vents over time. As lint builds up in the dryer’s hoses it can begin to restrict air flow; the restricted air flow causes the dryer to work hard, producing super-heated air to compensate.

The cycle of restricted air flow and hotter and hotter air can cause the lint in the vents to ignite. Because lint is highly flammable, a fire in the dryer vents can quickly get out of control and spread to the rest of the house. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are more than 15,000 dryer fires caused by clogged dryer vents in the US each year. Although preventable through dryer maintenance, these fires cause more than $200 million in property damages each year – as well as endangering and injuring families.

Signs your dryer vents need to be cleaned

Many homeowners ask how they can tell when their dryer vents need to be cleaned. While an annual cleaning is recommended, there are several other indicators that your dryer vents may be getting clogged. The following are six signs that its time to schedule an appointment to have your dryer vents cleaned.

  1. A full load of clothes does not completely dry within one cycle.
  2. A regular cycle takes more than 45 minutes to dry a load of clothes.
  3. More and more lint accumulates in the lint trap after each load.
  4. The dryer or clothes fresh from the dryer have a strong musty odor.
  5. The surface of the dryer or the laundry room become excessively hot after use.
  6. Lint and debris are visible around exterior vent terminations.

Knock dryer vents off your spring cleaning list now!

The season for spring cleaning may not arrive for several more months, but now is a great time to have your dryer vents cleaned! Our holiday discounts are still in effect, giving customers an extra incentive to schedule their dryer vent cleanings now. Customers can receive a $40 discount on a dryer vent cleaning when scheduled along with a chimney sweeping! Likewise, we also have a $40 discount available on chimney sweepings that include an inspection.

Help your dryer operate more safely and efficiently – and take advantage of our remaining holiday discounts – by scheduling your dryer vent cleaning with Jack Pixley Sweeps. Contact us today for more information on the importance of cleaning dryer vents or to schedule your next appointment.

Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned For Spring!

Washing windows, scrubbing floor boards, airing out closets, or reorganizing garages are just a few of the most common spring cleaning tasks. However, there may be one area of your home you’ve been neglecting – the dryer vent!

Why do dryer vents need to be cleaned?

While small amounts of lint in the dryer vent may not create any problems, progressively greater amounts of buildup over time can constrict airflow to the dryer. Lessened airflow forces the dryer to work harder, producing hotter and hotter air to get clothes dry. This super-heated air can cause the flammable lint in the vent to ignite and lead to a dryer fire.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, clogged dryer vents cause more than 15,000 house fires each year. These accidental fires – which are almost entirely preventable – cause more than $200 million in damages to personal property, as well as hundreds of injuries and even several tragic deaths.

How often should my dryer vents be cleaned?

Even if they know they need to have their dryer vents cleaned to prevent dryer fires, many homeowners do not know how often or when it should be done. Dryer performance is often the best indicator of whether or not the dryer vent needs to be cleaned. If you are experiencing one or more of these dryer performance problems, it may be time to have your vents cleaned.

– Clothes take longer than one cycle to fully dry
– The laundry room becomes noticeably warmer when the dryer is in use
– The dryer or the clothes directly from the dryer are excessively hot to the touch
– The lint trap collects excessive amounts of lint relative to the clothes in the dryer
– Lint or debris seen around exterior vents or ducts
– The interior of the dryer has a strong, musty odor that may transfer to clothes

Does my dryer vent need professional cleaning?

Just like your chimney, professional maintenance is always best when it comes to caring for your dryer vent. During a professional cleaning and inspection, a trained technician will use special tools and vacuums in order to remove and contain lint and debris from the venting system. This is different than the “blow out” cleanings done by other companies, which can leave piles of lint, dust, and debris covering your yard. An inspection of the dryer vent also ensures it is made of aluminum versus any other flammable materials.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are proud to provide our customers with outstanding chimney and dryer vent services. For more information about preventing dryer fires or to schedule your next dryer vent cleaning, contact us today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning: More than Blowing Out the Vent

Most homeowners believe dryer maintenance is as easy as cleaning out the lint trap after use. Unfortunately, this only solves part of the problem; dryer vent cleaning by a certified professional is often the best way to ensure your dryer can run safely and efficiently for years to come. At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we specialize in dryer vent cleaning – and it is more than simply blowing out the vents.

The Danger of Clogged Dryer Vents

Clogged dryer vents affect our dryers in two significant ways: they decrease efficiency and increase the risk of dryer fires.
As you use your dryer, the same lint that accumulates in the lint trap can escape into the dryer vents. In small amounts the lint is relatively harmless; however, buildup over time can constrict airflow to the dryer. As a result, the dryer is forced to work harder, producing hotter and hotter air. This super heated air can ignite when combined with the highly flammable lint buildup in the vents, leading to a dryer fire.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are more than 15,000 house fires caused by clogged dryer vents each year. These fires result in millions of dollars in property damages and losses – as well as unnecessarily put families at risk.

Clogged dryer vents also decrease the efficiency of the dryer. Many homeowners are shocked at how well their dryers work after simply having the vents cleaned. Getting the dryer vents professionally cleaned is often a good first step when a dryer begins losing efficiency.

Why Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Matters

While some find it odd that a chimney sweep company also cleans dryer vents, the two are surprisingly related. Just like a chimney sweeping dryer vent cleaning requires specialized tools, trained professionals, and a thorough knowledge of building dynamics in order to be done correctly.

Professional dryer vent cleaning is about more than blowing out the contents of the dryer vents onto your lawn. Many modern vent systems include bends, twists, turns, and tight spaces that older homes did not have; because of this, rotary and vacuum systems should be used to ensure a thorough clean and prevent debris from getting left behind.

Is it Time to Clean My Dryer Vents?

Many homeowners struggle with when it is time to have their dryer vents cleaned. However, your dryer may already be telling you the vents need to be cleaned. The following are six signs its time to schedule a dryer vent cleaning.

  • Clothes take longer than one full cycle to dry
  • The drying time for a regular load is longer than 45 minutes
  • The laundry room is excessively hot when the dryer is in use
  • Progressively larger amounts of lint are found in the lint trap
  • The inside of the dryer or clothes fresh out of the dryer have a musty odor
  • Lint or debris can be seen on the exterior dryer vent

Dryer vent cleaning is about more than blowing out the lines; trust your family’s safety – and the longevity of your dryer – to a trained professional. To schedule your next dryer vent cleaning contact Jack Pixley Sweeps today.

Your Dryer Vents Need Cleaning, Too!

Your chimney isn’t the only part of your house that needs to be regularly cleaned in order to avoid accidental fire! Having your dryer vents cleaned should be added to your list of annual household maintenance in order to make your home as safe – and energy efficient – as it can be.

The importance of clean dryer ventsCleaning Your Dryer Vents - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley Sweeps

Clean dryer vents are an important part of running a safe and efficient home. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in United States alone there are more than 15,000 dryer fires; dryer fires also account for more than $200 million in damages as well as hundreds of injuries.

The same debris that accumulates in your lint trap can also accumulate over time in your dryer’s vents and hoses. This extremely flammable lint can begin to constrict the airflow to the dryer; when this happens, the dryer attempts to keep working well by increasing the air temperature. The combination of the super-heated air and constricted hoses can cause the lint to ignite into a fire, quickly spreading throughout your home.

Thankfully, dryer fires can be easily prevented by having dryer vents regularly cleaned. When having your dryer vents professionally cleaned, special brushes and equipment are used in order to completely clean and clear the entire system. Likewise, vents, lines, and hoses are checked or kinks or other blockages that can impact dryer safety or efficiency.

While clean vents are an important part of dryer safety, they have the added bonus of helping boost your dryer’s efficiency. Many homeowners who are frustrated with their dryer’s performance are amazed at what a difference simply cleaning the dryer vents can make! Compared to the cost of buying a brand new dryer, having the dryer vents professionally cleaned is a small investment that can help extend the life of your appliance.

When do I need to clean my dryer vents?

How often your dryer needs to have its vents cleaned may differ from house to house based on the age and type of your dryer as well as how often it is used. However, as a general rule most dryers need to have their vents cleaned at least once per year. The following are a few signs that it may be time for you to clean your dryer vents.

  • A regular load of clothes take longer than one cycle to dry
  • The dryer is hot to the touch or excessively heats the laundry room
  • More and more lint is being produced each cycle
  • The dryer – or clothes just out of the dryer – have a strong, musty odor
  • Lint or debris can be seen around exterior dryer vents


While our name might be Jack Pixley Sweeps, we can do more than just clean your chimney; trust us to take care of your dryer vents, too! Contact us today to learn more about dryer vent cleaning and to schedule your next appointment.

Don’t forget your dryer vent cleaning!

There are some facets of home maintenance that are automatic, such as having your chimney swept and inspected, and having your furnace tuned and inspected. Dryer vent cleaning, however, often falls by the wayside, either because homeowner question the importance of dryer vent cleaning, struggle to make time for one more service, or simply forget to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment. Ignoring your annual dryer vent cleaning and inspection can have disastrous consequences.

Why dryer vent cleaning is necessaryDryer Vent Cleaning - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley Sweeps

As warm air flows out of your dryer, it carries with it the fine lint particles from your clothing that aren’t caught by the lint screen you clean between each load of laundry. Over time, that lint builds up within your dryer vents. As the lint build up, the hot air can no longer escape from your dryer. The lint overheats and can catch fire, or the carbon monoxide that should be exiting the dryer vent is forced back into your home.

Dryer vents also can become clogged from the outside. Animals can nest inside the dryer vent, or plants can grow up into the vents. The vent flap itself can become stuck, preventing hot air from escaping the dryer.

Because of those dangers, the National Fire Protection Agency recommends having your dryer vents cleaned once a year, more often if you do high quantities of laundry. In fact, it’s estimated that clogged dryer vents cause more than 15,000 house fires each year, leading to more than $230 million in property damage, and more than 50 deaths.

Other benefits of dryer vent cleaning

Clogged dryer vents also cause your dryer to run less efficiently. When your dryer can’t “breathe,” clothes dry more slowly. Clean dryer vents will lead to less time spent drying clothes, which saves you time and lowers your energy bills. Additionally, clogged dryer vents overtax your dryer, which can cause it to fail prematurely. That means clean dryer vents save you money, too!

Signs your dryer vent needs to be cleaned

While dryer vent cleaning is recommended at least once a year, there are indications that your dryer vents are due to be cleaned more frequently. Clogged dryer vents will cause laundry to take longer to dry than normal, your laundry likely will feel hot to the touch when you remove it from the dryer. The laundry room itself may feel overheated when the dryer is running, and you may smell a burning odor. A more subtle sign is that the smell of your fabric softener sheets may seem abnormally strong.

A quick visual inspection also can help you determine if your dryer vent is due for a cleaning. If you see lint blowing from the vent, or if the vent flap isn’t opening while your dryer is running — a sign of proper airflow — your vents should be cleaned immediately.

Call Jack Pixley!

We may be the company you think of for your fireplace and chimney services, but if you can’t remember the last time your dryer vents were cleaned, or if you’ve noticed some of the above problems, call Jack Pixley Sweeps. We can clean your dryer vents, too!

Proudly serving Minneapolis For Your Chimney and Fireplace Needs

We're proud to serve the city of Minneapolis

We’re proud to serve the city of Minneapolis

For nearly 40 years, Jack Pixley Sweeps, Inc., has served the greater Minneapolis area. From installation to cleaning and inspection to rebuilding, our certified technicians can meet all of your fireplace and chimney needs.

Chimney sweeping and inspection

We at Jack Pixley Sweeps go above and beyond national guidelines in our chimney sweeping and inspection service.
During your cleaning our CSIA-certified sweeps will insert a rotating brush up your flue. As it travels up your chimney, it will expand to remove all of the creosote and soot that has built up in your fireplace. Following your cleaning, your chimney sweep will go beyond the visual, “level 1” inspection recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute. Our sweeps will insert a closed-circuit camera up your flue so they can visually inspect to your chimney to make sure there is no crumbling mortar, cracked tiles, or damage from an unobserved chimney fire.

Chimney and firebox repairs

We can repair leaking chimneys, diagnose and correct chimney draft problems, or repair a damaged firebox. Our skilled technicians can go so far as to rebuild your chimney or firebox, if needed.

Fireplace inserts

If you’re looking to upgrade your fireplace, Jack Pixley Sweeps can help. If you prefer a traditional fireplace but would like to return more heat to your home, we offer open-hearth Ahrens Fireplace Systems. Or, if you’d like to upgrade to a closed insert, we offer Regency gas and wood-burning inserts.

Fireplace reconstruction

If you’d like to change the look of your hearth, either to update, make it better suited to your taste, or have it made to fit your new fireplace insert, Jack Pixley Sweeps is the company to call. We specialize in rebuilding fireplace fronts to meet the aesthetic and practical needs of our customers.

Chimney relining

Many chimneys have been constructed with the wrong size chimney tiles, which can lead to drafting problems and smoke flowing back into a home rather than out of the flue. Jack Pixley offers stainless steel chimney liners, which can solve your drafting problems, or replace any older, cracked tiles.

Dryer vent cleaning

Clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of home fires, and Jack Pixley Sweeps provides the best dryer vent cleaning in the area. We hook up a vacuum to your dryer vent to ensure that lint doesn’t litter your yard, and then we remove lint with a rotary system. We’ll also make sure your vent utilizes a safe aluminum lining.

Animal removal

Raccoons and some birds love to nest in your chimney, while other animals, such as ducks or squirrels, can make their way into your chimney and become stuck. An animal nest can be a chimney fire hazard, and a trapped animal is obviously in danger. Our technicians can safely remove any animal you hear trapped or making a home in your chimney. We also can install stainless steel screen and chimney cover to prevent animals from getting into your chimney.

Gutter cleaning

Your gutters should be cleaned each spring and fall to prevent leaks or water damage to your home. Jack Pixley Sweeps is happy to provide gutter-cleaning service!

Scaffolding setup.

Chimney repairs can take extensive scaffolding setup. We set up our own scaffolding, saving you from hiring a scaffolding company.

If you have any questions about the services we provide and live in and around Minneapolis, please contact us or give us a call! We’re locally owned and happy to help!