Identifying issues with your firebox or the chimney structure can be easy, especially with chimney components that are accessible with visible damages. However, the flue, on the other hand, is a different story. With 15 feet – or more – of tight, enclosed flue between the firebox and chimney, it is nearly impossible to identify damage or chimney issues. Luckily, there is a technology that is made to reach this areas of the flue – closed circuit camera.

Closed circuit camera inspections

Closed circuit camera chimney inspections allows chimney sweeps to look at every part of your flue – without removing your masonry. This gives homeowners the peace of mind that there are no hidden dangers lurking in the flue after a thorough cleaning and inspection.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we use a closed circuit camera as a standard part of our inspections. This helps us identify any areas of damage or deterioration in the flue that cannot be otherwise seen. We ask that homeowners to be present during the video scan, as this allows them to see firsthand what is happening inside their chimney system.

When to schedule a closed circuit camera inspection

masonry chimney with nice capClosed circuit camera scans are done as a standard part of our inspections at Jack Pixley Sweeps, as it is super beneficial in any circumstance. However, the following are three instances when it is beneficial to schedule a closed circuit camera inspection.

  • Buying a home – Buying a home is a major investment, you should protect your new home by getting a closed circuit camera inspection for all chimneys. Because this type of scan is rarely included in standard home inspections, it can help identify any hidden chimney issues.
  • Selling a home – Give potential buyers peace of mind by having a closed circuit camera inspection before listing the home. A report from a certified chimney sweep gives potential buyers tangible proof to the condition of your chimney.
  • After a natural disaster – After an earthquake, tornado, chimney fire, or natural disaster, it is important to have a closed circuit camera inspection before using your fireplace. This ensures that the fireplace is safe to use – or lets the chimney sweep know what repairs are needed.

A video inspection using closed circuit cameras is the best way to get a complete pictures of the exact condition of your entire chimney system. At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are proud to offer this service to our customers; as long as our cameras fit in your flue! For more information on the benefits of closed circuit camera inspections or to schedule your next chimney appointment, contact us today!