Year after year, fireplaces are one of the most sought after home features. A survey by the National Association of Homebuilders found that fireplaces are the second most requested feature when shopping for a home; the same survey found that buyers are willing to spend as much as $1,400 more for a home with a fireplace than one without.

But what if your home doesn’t have a fireplace?

Whether you’re preparing to build your dream home, looking to add value to your current home, or have a chimney that can no longer be used due to structural problems, Jack Pixley Sweeps can make your fireplace dreams a reality!

Building a chimney from the ground up

Since 1977, Jack Pixley Sweeps has been one of the premier chimney companies in Minnesota. In addition to providing sweeping and maintenance services, our team of highly skilled masons can also build chimneys from the ground up.

There are three primary reasons why new chimney systems are constructed:

1. New construction. The easiest time to add a fireplace and chimney to a home is during construction. Adding fireplaces to a home’s plans before construction begins is the easiest way to ensure the ideal placement and construction of your new heating appliances.
2. Addition to existing home. While a bit trickier, it is still possible to add a chimney system on to an existing home. Building a new chimney allows you to work with our team to create the fireplace of your dreams.
3. Structural damage. Years of deterioration, natural disaster, fire, or settling can all cause serious structural damage to a chimney. If your chimney can no longer safely be used, rebuilding it from the ground up can allow you to once again enjoy your fireplace system.

Chimney construction is about more than just building a column of bricks or stone. As certified chimney professionals – as well as masons – we can handle all aspects of chimney construction, from the top of the flue to the bottom of the firebox. The construction process for a new chimney system includes masonry work, installing a chimney liner, building a chimney crown and installing the chimney cap, constructing the firebox or installing a fireplace insert, applying water repellent to the exterior masonry, and more.

Our team also owns and erects our own scaffolding. This helps homeowners save money and avoid the hassle of finding an outside scaffolding company.

Trust our European style chimney construction!

As old buildings decay and crumble, the chimney is often the last part standing; time-tested construction techniques made chimneys the strongest and longest-lasting portion of a building. At Jack Pixley Sweeps, our European style construction methods can extend the life of your chimney to nearly 100 years!

Evenings spent with family and friends in front of a roaring fire doesn’t have to wait until you move to a new home. For more information on turning your fireplace dreams into reality, contact the expert masons at Jack Pixley Sweeps today!