If you love your fireplace but are tired of losing money up the flue in wasted energy, it may be time to install a new fireplace insert! Wood burning and gas fireplace inserts are efficient and low maintenance additions to your home that can give you all the benefits of a masonry fireplace – without the energy loss.

At Jack Pixley Sweeps, we are proud to sell and install Regency gas and wood inserts. These high quality fireplaces are safe, efficient, and can keep your family warm and comfortable for years to come.We Sell Regency Gas and Wood Inserts - Minneapolis MN - Jack Pixley Sweeps

Benefits of fireplace inserts

There are a number of benefits to installing a fireplace insert in place of an existing masonry fireplace.

  • Efficiency: Open hearth fireplaces have efficiency ratings as low as 5-10%; at these levels, most of your energy – and money – is going straight up the flue. The closed system combustion of fireplace inserts allows them to operate with up to 90% efficiency. Likewise, the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association estimates that by reducing energy and heat loss up the chimney installing an insert can save as much as 40% on energy bills.


  • Environmentally friendly: Modern fireplace inserts are required to be certified by the EPA. To earn this certification, inserts must create minimal amounts of particulate emissions; doing this reduces the environmental impact of burning in the fireplace and helps improve air quality.


  • Fuel choices: Whether you want wood or gas, pellets or coal, there is a fireplace insert for you. With a number of different fuel choices, homeowners can find a fireplace insert that works well with your heating needs and budget.


  • Style choices: In addition to choosing your fuel source, homeowners also have a wide variety of choices when it comes to the style of their new fireplace insert. Whether you want the look of a traditional fireplace or a sleek, modern design there is an insert to fit every style and price range.


About Regency gas inserts

If you’re tired of the work and effort of chopping, storing, and stacking firewood – as well as the mess after the fire – then a Regency gas insert may be the right fireplace for you. These high efficiency fireplaces can start at the touch of a button; this adds warmth and ambiance to your home without the work and effort of building or stoking a fire all evening.

About Regency wood inserts

Even though gas is an easy and efficient fuel source, many homeowners still prefer a wood burning fire. This does not, however, mean that they appreciate the energy loss that comes along with an open hearth. If you want to combine the energy savings of gas with the look and feel of a real wood fire then a Regency wood insert might be the right fireplace for you!

This winter, don’t let all your heat escape up the chimney. Keep the heat – and our cash – in the house by upgrading your drafty fireplace to a modern Regency insert today! Call Jack Pixley Sweeps to speak to one of our expert technicians about the kind of fireplace insert that is right for your family.